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by Saadi Sattar on March 18, 2013

GApps is the most important thing when installing or trying new ROM’s on your droid, GApps also known as Google Apps are the basic applications provided by Google. They include Play store, Google Maps, Google search, Music, Docs etc. If you install a ROM without Gapps, your phone is almost useless. Even if you have play store, many apps like Gmail cannot be downloaded through Play store sometimes. You are lucky enough if you find Gapps already installed in the ROM you are trying.

Android 4.2 Gapps

The most recent Android update known as Android 4.2 Jelly bean consist of some new updated apps, Such as Gmail being updated to a newer version. With the link given at the end of this post you can download all the Gapps of Android 4.2 and enjoy the latest version of the Google apps. This is a free download and this all has been zipped into one zip file. Credit goes to the xda member known as adi_pat.

The method to install is simple, You just have to flash it like a ROM from recovery and you will be good to go. Some users have reported that the Gmail app cannot be install this way but all others can be. We are looking into that and we will post a method soon. To install this package, you don’t need to be rooted.

Download Link - Android 4.2 Jelly bean GApps

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