Download All in one Toolkit For Nexus S, Nexus 4, Nexus 7 and Nexus 10

by Saadi Sattar on December 5, 2012

As you already know of the overall alluring Gravity of the Nexus family, they are quite the keepers. Everyone wants one member of the family tree and then has  plans to Install a custom ROM, custom Kernel, and for all this the need to root their Nexus Device. It’s obviously not a mountain climb for people who’ve been rooting devices and installing custom ROMs before, as they have a gained experience and worked out what to do and what not to do while performing the procedure,

But what about the Beginners? People who’ve just bought a Nexus tablet, Heard about Rooting or installing custom ROMs, have no idea what so ever of where to start and where to end, they might not even know the consequences of something going dangerously wrong.

Well, there’s no need for further burden and risk, because Thanks to Wugfresh, a famous XDA Developer, a Toolkit has introduced to us that can do everything in the procedure automatically. The inexperienced don’t have to spend countless hours sitting in front their screens and learning how to root, and finding out ways to make it safe for them. Instead, they have a safe and guaranteed way out that can root their devices in just moments. The best part is that the toolkit is pertinent to five Nexus devices i.e The Nexus 7, Samsung Nexus S and Nexus S 4G, Nexus 4 and Nexus 10

The toolkit is loaded with tons of features related to Android modding (Nexus modding to be precise) including; Roooting/Unlocking, Unrooting/Locking, Flashing zip files and image files, Backing or restoring data or backup files, setting file permit, pushing files, and pulling them. The Bottom line is to make Rooting and unrooting as uncomplicated and lucid as possible. So, if there’s a Beginner out there, who doesn’t have any idea of rooting or such, I’d say to knock up the toolkit.

Via- The XDA Developers

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