How To Fix Bricked/ Dead Galaxy S3 [Solution]

by Saadi Sattar on October 7, 2012

Phones get bricked, Some get dead, Some get soft bricked while some get hard bricked, But today i thought of writing a piece for Galaxy S3 users as i have seen many people asking me about a fix for bricked Galaxy S3.  Did you brick your Galaxy s3 and now it is not booting up, Well here is a way i found yesterday and manged my self to write a guide.



Perhaps while installing a custom ROM or performing some other risky hackery tweak. Well one way of getting over this is always to go to the nearest store and pay some healthy bucks to get it fixed but yes you probably don’t want to waste some money and now your’e Google-ing around to find a way you can fix your bricked s3 phone. As a matter of fact the the store people never give you a guide handout so the next time you can do it your self. Not a big deal if you are used to this , but if you are new i recommend not trying this, you may consult a friend who is good in this.

Here is a guide to unbrick your phone using the official method which the folks at Samsung use to fix your phone and keep the method confidential. But now XDA Developers have broke the confidential wall and provided us with a official guide to unbrick your phone.

Things You Will Need: -

How to fix your Bricked Galaxy S3 -

Step1: - First of all copy the bootloader file to the root of your external SD card

Step2: -
Now the SD card on which you just copied the bootloader should be inserted into your bricked phone

Step3: -
Download the bootloader file onto your phone

- Enter your phone into download mode which in terms of Samsung is dubbed as something like SD Card Mode

Step5 :-
Now you have to download the firmware files from the official thread over XDA as mentioned above under ‘What you Need’

Step6: -
Now the final step is to flash the firmware on your galaxy s3 using odin.

That’s it now you have fixed your bricked Galaxy S3 using the official method which was leaked by the XDA Developers. Have a question or need help? Let me know in the comments


  • dave

    my uk t-mobile samsung galaxy s3 is now hard bricked. So how do i fix this? as according to your instruction step 3 i should download the bootloader into phone. The phone is completly dead and wont even go into flash mode by pressing the volume+power+home keys.
    Awaiting ur reply. thanks

  • aaron

    yeah me too mine is hard bricked so dowload mode is a no go

  • rick

    Saadi Sattar can you plz answer the question below

  • Lumixian

    Useless. Hard bricked phones don’t turn on, AT ALL. It’s literally a paperweight at that point. Either try to get a replacement from your carrier, send it to a tech shop for a few bucks, or send it back to Samsung.

  • Guillermo Torino Espinosa Ramí

    could you please explain a little more about step 3? it is not clear for me the way i should download the bootloader file onto my cellphone if it is bricked

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