How To Insert / Install Simcard On LG Nexus 4

by Saadi Sattar on December 7, 2012

Lets go basic today, Have you been lucky enough to get  your hands on the New Nexus 4? If yes and if you are new to Android, this post is for you. As Some of you don’t know how to install sim card on the Nexus 4 so before you mess up your Nexus 4, read the post.

The Google Nexus has never gone for the iPhone like insertion of sim card, Take Nexus S or Galaxy Nexus for example. this is the first time Nexus has gone for this Pin to pull Sim card.

Photo Credit – Androidcentral

Step 1 – Look for the simcard place, Its on the left hand-side when you have you display screen in-front of you, Or just simple look for the volume rocked and its there right below it.

Step 2 - With the sim card place, you will see a tiny pinhole, You need to take out the Ejector from the box. With the ejector there will be a little pin with it, Insert of into the pinhole, and the simcard tray will be pulled out.  In-case you have lost the pin, Don’t worry you can use any pin, maybe a needle too.

Step 3- Insert the simcard into the tray, make sure it fits it and push the tray back into it.

You will need to restart your phone if it was on, and that’s it you are good to go. In-case it still doesn’t pick up your Sim-card, check the tray again, Does it fit? If it is in the right place and still not working you may need to visit your Carrier for a new Sim Card or maybe LG store for a new Nexus 4.

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