How To turn off Google Now in Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

by Saadi Sattar on September 14, 2012

Google Now is the personal virtual assistant which helps in you in daily life, Announced in June at I/O Developers conference with Jelly Bean, Google now saves all your information and shows you your appintments, Fights searchs, nearby places, Sports, Weather reports for where you are, your route to office,traffic and many other things.

This post will guide you how you can turn off Google Now, aftre turning it off it will no longer show any cards in your notifictaion area, nor it will giive you any notificatons, Also if you want privacy you can turn location history to off and Google Now will no more see where you are. One other thing, turning it off will not remove the Google voice search at the top of your screen, you will still be able to use Google Voice search.


Step 1 – Open Google Now.

Step 2 – Press menu button at the bottom right, And select Settings.

Step 3 – Now Select Google Now.

Step 4 – At the top right, Slide the switch to Off.

Step 5 – Confirm it now, also if you want to turn off location history, Mark it too
Kudos, you have successfully turned off Google Now. if you have installed Google Now on Android 4.0 icecream Sandwich, this method is applicable on that too.

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