How To Update HTC Sensation XE/XL to Android 4.2 Jelly Bean CM10 ROM

by Ahmed Murtaza on December 9, 2012

The CM10.1 experimental built for HTC Sensation based on nothing less but the latest Jelly Bean 4.2.1 was just made on air on the World Wide Web creating a hype for all the HTC Sensation users. NO offence it did create a hype but not everyone knows how to get Jelly Bean 4.2.1 on their HTC Sensation via CM10.1.

And for those; they have a great news to hear because Android Muscle has got the backs of all these newbies and has managed to create yet another guide on How to Get Jelly Bean 4.2.1 on HTC Sensation XE/XL. The last update Sensation recioeved was for Android 4.0.3 ICS, We have written a guide how you can root HTC Sensation XE on Android 4.0.3 ICS . Lets get to the tutorial where we will be telling you how to install Android 4.2 Jellybean on HTC Sensation XE or XL.

As this guide is specially targeting at people who are new to this stuff then lets give them an outline about what we will do in this guide – so what we will be doing is that we will flash / install Jelly Bean 4.2.1 as CM 10.1 on HTC Sensation XE/XL via CWM Recovery and following this statement i must tell you that you need to have a Rooted HTC Sensation with CWM Recovery flashed on it. And remember to read every step carefully.

Read -

How To Install Android 4.1 Jellybean MIUI v4 ROM On HTC Sensation XE/XL

Disclaimer – Android Muscle won’t be held responsible if your brick your HTC Sensation

Preparatory Steps/Downloads

Steps to Get Jelly Bean 4.2.1 On HTC Sensation

Step 1 – Turn Off your HTC Sensation

Step 2 – Boot into Bootloader by pressing and holding Volume Down + Power Buttons

Step 3 –  Wipe the Data and Dalvic Cache or you might brick your device afterwards

Step 4 – Go to >flash zip from SD card>choose zip from sdcard and now select the Jelly Bean 4.2.1 zip file

Step 5 – Wait for the process to complete

Step 6 -  Again repeat the step 4 but this time select the Google Apps zip file

Step 6 – >”+++++Go Back++++++” >”Reboot System Now

Wait for your device to reboot and hold your horses to taste the tasty Jelly Bean 4.2.1 on your HTC Sensation.

Note - For the people who are constantly complaining regarding the ROM, please note this thing in your mind that this is an experimental built so you may find some bugs and as far as the people who are having problems while flashing the ROM and booting into it, repeat all the steps, even the downloads (the ROM specially). We have tested it personally and we guarantee you that these instructions are 100% accurate, just read every step carefully.


  • Steve Marquis

    How do you wipe the two caches?

    • Peter Dorrington

      If you haven’t found the answer already, the simplest solution for me if its likely you’ll be chopping and changing ROMs is to install 4ext from the marketplace which simplifies the process of cache clearing / full wiping then installing the roms. I’m sticking with 4.1.2 cm10 for now I think though. I just dont see a compelling reason to go through a full wipe again just to get 4.2.1.

    • looper

      go to recovery mode

  • Usman Javaid

    Was is tested on HTC Sensation XL? After choosing the file (Step 4) clockworkmod recovery gave assert failed error and the package installation stopped.

    • ?????? ?????

      The author is not very bright… this can’t work on XL, the assert is just checking if the device is compatible and if not aborts the whole thing.

      • Ahmed Murtaza

        Well I myself have tried it on my HTC XL and it works perfect. Try all the steps again. Devs always develop one ROM for both HTC Sensation XE XL.

  • reza

    hi , I forgotten to install google apps , what will happen ?

    • Ahmed Murtaza

      Nothing will happen, go and boot into CWM recovery again and flash the Google Apps (only)

    • Jonathon Johnston

      You will not have any google apps (i.e gmail, play store….). Just got back to recovery and install the google apps from sd card

  • HA

    Hi. I carefully followed these steps to update my HTC Sensation XE to Android 4.2 Jelly Bean using the CM10 ROM.

    Right now I’m freaking out, because even though I followed each of the provided steps, I’ve ended up with a phone that just loops on the Cyanogenmod splash screen forever.

    Is there anyone who can help me to either work through the looping issue so that I can run jellybean, or reflash my phone back to stock ICS?

    • fletch

      This has happened to me also. I’m hoping there’s an answer on one of the forums

    • disqus_a1eZzal3k4

      Same thing here. What is the best option getting out of the bootloop: downgrade HBOOT from 1.29 to 1.27 (how?) or get a different mod or back to stock (how? trying to do recover, but MD5 is not correct on my backup). Any help appreciated.

  • HA

    It’s unfortunate that these instructions don’t mention potential issues with HBOOT 1.29!

    • Ahmed Murtaza

      Repeat each step again, try considering the Note written in the post.

  • Sh***

    the link for the download is for the cm10 not cm10.1

    • Kelen Chang

      I doubt it too. But, maybe just a mistake on file name.

  • hadi

    hi i followed all of steps but when i click on reboot now a thing like a circle showed ablout 2 hours …is it normally?

    • tRoll


    • looper

      howd ya guys fix the bootloop?

  • ?????? ?????

    pyramid ROMs should not be able to run ont runnymede devices… XL most probably can’t run this… whoever wrote this article needs to do some reading …

  • plontko


    I do all Steps and now only come the Cyanogenmod splash screen forever, only a restore can help now.

  • gogaz

    I’m having issues installing this, everything is going well but when the phone reboots it’s still running the old ROM. Please help !

    • tR0LL


  • sufian

    how can i update my phone ? :O :(

  • bahhaziz

    i dont trust this guy. It looks too easy to be true. I dont wanna brick my xe.

  • bahhaziz

    why these mf google people dont just put it OTA

  • Venhar Bara

    It keeps loading on the first boot at the CMX | CyanogenMod 10 Screen, what should i do ?

    • tR0LL


  • Adam Andersson Kinnunen

    this did not work no my phone (htc sensation xe)
    stuck at loadscreen for about 1hr now

  • Moazzam Iqbal

    data cache is not wipe
    i Install this rom but when i turn on my htc sensation xe it only show cyangon mode pic but not start
    How to Install firmware on my htc sensation xe with pc

  • Sohail

    guys pls fix it ?? it stucks at the Cyanogenmod splash screen forever

    • Jonathon Johnston

      You will have to re flash the rom. Make sure you do a complete wipe of all partitions before. If it doesn’t work again, I would suggest trying another rom.

  • sohail

    Why Did YOu delete my Comment ?? atleast tell me what to do ….

  • Mohammed Hijazi

    The Camera & Radio Are Not Working, Any Help?

  • mircea

    i have follow your step but my phone stop when i reboot. On my display apear the cyanogemon image an my phone does nothing.

    • Mathijs Stoots

      This is because you’ll have to S-OFF ( google for it, had the same problem)

      • Juan Herrera

        How did you manager to get out of the cyanogemon image?

      • loop

        How did u manage to solve the problem ?

      • kasra


    • kasra moghadam

      i have this problem !!! how can fix it !?!?!?!?!

  • Mathijs Stoots

    Im trapped in boot menu, can someone help me plz?

  • recee

    I got HTC xp sensation I’m trying to connect to tv buy bout want work ??

  • P4iZ

    Hi i have a problem i can’t find the “flash zip from SD card” my phone is S-OFF followed this great guide ( and i have added every thing to the root of the SD card, as you suggest it should be, i just don’t recall having this problem with the hero or desire.. they where pretty easy to root.

  • tanishq

    my phone stuck on cyanogen mod

  • Pra Yudhi

    hi, can you shared step by step on picture? please…..

  • Bravo Six HTC Sensation XE

    I’m stuck at the bootloop. Any way to get out from this bootloop?? Suggestions please ASAP.

  • loop

    stuck on cyanogemon image … Help …

  • Omid

    I install it on my HTC sensation xe,but wifi dose not work!?what can I do to fix it?

  • Omid

    Please help me,after installation this rom my wifi dose not work!

  • JasOn

    I can’t open recovery mode. while open recovery, it shows error sign. Now what to do Sir ?

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