Restore Messages and Back up Chat History in WhatsApp

by Saadi Sattar on August 25, 2012

Whatsapp is one of the most used messaging services in the world for iPhone and Android, Millions of people use it daily as just few days ago Whatsapp broke the record of croosing 10 Billion messages in a day. What today i am going to show you is that how you can back up or Restore your old Messages with your friend or any close one incase you lost them and you want to read them again.

Its easy like eating a piece of cake, you dont have to create a backup or be a techie to do that, Also Whatsapp Automatically creats a backup file everyday at 4 a.m.

How To Back up and Restore Messages On Whatsapp

1. Open Whatsapp and select options.
2. Now select settings and Go to Chat preferences.
3. At the end , Select Chat History Backup .

Thats it, now if you lose your messages or do a reset, it will ask you to Back up and after selecting it, all the messages backed up will come back .

Note - This method is only for Latest version of Whatapp Right i.e 2.8.1504 , If there is an update to the app and the method, We will edit this. Would you like to thank us and recieve more how to’s and news, Please like us on Facebook or +1 us on Google+

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