Root Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 in Few Mins [How To]

by Saadi Sattar on August 26, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Mini is a Lowend smartphone with some normal specifications, But people who have this phone arent pretty happy from this. It stucks when you play a couple of apps,Phone memory is too low, Processor is not very fast. Most of the problems are created when your phone memory gets full and you cant install more apps.

Most of the apps are transferable to sd card but some cannot, They are meant to reside in your phone memory and a phone having 160 of memory cannot afford many apps, So to get rid of this problem, the most simple and effective way is to root your Galaxy Mini, This will not only transfer your apps to sd card but also you wil be able to delete useless factory apps . This a simple way to root your phone as you will also be able to install Superuser app. Lets begin with the Tutorial -


Remember -

This will void your Warranty, incase you Mess up with your phone, Android Muscle or any individual will not be held responsible for that.


How To Root Galaxy Mini -

Step 1 – Download root package from this link ( xda forum), You will find it in the 3rd post.

Step 2 - Now Connet your phone to your computer using usb cable.

Step 3 – Copy/Paste the root pacage to your sd card.

Step 4 – Now disconnect and turn off your phone.

Step 5 - Get your phone into recovery mood, you can do it by –> ( Press and hold power + Menu buttons).

Step 6 - In the recovetry menu, Your touch wont work, you will have to Navigate throuigh voume up for going up,volume down for going down and Power button to select.

Step 7 - Select update from sd card from Recovery menu.

Step 8 - Choose the root package you placed in your sd card, it will be in zip format.

Step  9 - installation will start, Sit back and wait for it to finish.

Thats it, You have now successfully Rooted your Galaxy Mini , Reboot your phone to use Superuser . incase you face any problem, Dont hesitate to shoot your questions below.

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