The Best Top 7 Drawing and Sketching Apps For Android

by Ahmed Murtaza on December 7, 2012

Are you one of those creative and artistic folks who like playing with their creative anxious minds, or perhaps their hands and imply them on a paper with the use of a pencil. Well this time we have compiled a bunch of apps for these type of drawing-doodling-freak Android users.

Te be more precise, we have enlisted below the best-top 7 Android Drawing apps for designers and dream artist so they can take maximum out of their Android devices and use it in relevance to their passion which would most likely be drawing.We have lined up the top best 7 apps in uor view for drawing and skecthing, Some of them are free and some are paid but they are the best and if you are an artst, They are those must have.

1. DoodleDroid


The first app in our lineup is DoodleDroid which gives you the best in drawing virtually. DoodleDroid for Android has realistic bunch of brushes with some original looking impressive brushing texture. In addition to this Doodle Droid for Android also has the capability to zoom and pan an image plus undoing and redoing your previous editing. It is also worth mentioning here that DoodleDroid also also an option to share your drawings.

Download DoodleDroid for $0.99 [Play Store]

2. Fresco Lite

Fresco Lite

3. Fresco Lite for Android is the best app when it comes to crayon-type-smudging with smudging brushes, layers and filters. This app is recommended more to a a bit experienced artists who are mostly used to this stuff because of it’s layer compatible editing. Theus, the drawing you create can also be saved into a Photoshop format (PDF) along with its layers. You can also edit brushes opacity, spacing, sizes and choose the brush type.

Download Fresco Lite for free [Play Store]

4. Drawing Tablet HD PRO

Drawing Tablet HD PRO

Not adding this extra ordinary drawing app dubbed as Drawing Tablet HD PPRO which is specially integerated for Android tablet and is available on the Play Store would be not more than a crime. Drawing Tablet HD PRO gives you the best experience on an Android tablet, however, you can also use it on a standard sized Android Smartphone but it might not give you much better experience than on a Tablet. With this app you can draw backgrounds with plethora of effects in HD. This app has a special feature named as Physics Engine, by this effect you can create you own low-level game with object and shaped symbolizing physics.

Download Drawing Tablet HD PRO for $6.47 [Play Store]

5. Canvas Pro

Canvas Pro

This app which is out 4th competent in the drawing app list is yet another master piece app for Android in relevance to professional drawing app which is also capable of editing in layers just like Photoshop. The features included in it are, Robust selection tool, Multi Touch zooming, Burn and Smudge tool. As a verdict, I must tell you that this app has two Photoshop life effects with robust selection and layer editing system.

Download Canvas Pro for $2.99 [Play Store]

6. Draw Something

Draw Something

Have you played that game on Facebook dubbed as Guess the Sketch, well if you have then you should already get what this app is all about because this app is a two-in-one app, it is a drawing app as well as a multiplayer game. You are given a number at random and you have to draw it and send it to your buddy who is also doodling with this app, he then gets 5 letter hint to guess what you have drawn and gains points. This mans that Draw Something For Android takes your drawing skills to the next level along with entertainment.

Download Draw Something for $2.99 [Play Store]

6. Art of Draw & Paint

Art of Draw & Paint

By this app you can display your minds creativity on your Android device, as in, you can draw what ever comes into your creative minds and hands with full accuracy right away. This app has variety of brushes and also allows you to share your making with your friends and acquaintances on social networking sites.

Download Art of Draw & Paint for Free  [Play Store]

7. How to Draw

How To Draw

This app is a must have app for the ones who see their future to be master in drawing, this app gives drawing lessons, tips and tricks.This app focuses on specific drawing which are approximately about 70 drawings. All these drawings are those which are common in mostly every artistic painting. This app is highly recommended to all the beginners.

Download How to Draw for Free [Play Store]


So this was our list for the top drawing Apps for Android, You can Like our Facebook Page or Follow us on twitter to keep yourself updated regarding Android News, Android tips and tricks which can make you smarter.


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