Update Galaxy SL I9003 To Android 4.1 Jelly Bean With ehndroix ROM

by Saadi Sattar on September 2, 2012

The Samsung Galaxy SL has just recieved an update to the latest version of Android, i.e Jelly Bean. This new ROM is now avaiable and almost everything is working in this.The firmware is known as ehndroix Custom ROM and is now available for download and install, You can update your Galaxy SL to Jelly bean using the tutorial after the jump -

Jelly bean Galaxy SL

What Not To Forget -

This Process is only For Galaxy SL I9003, We are not sure that this method will work on other varients too or not.

This Process is only for Rooted Galaxy SL phones.

Although its an easy process, but if you are not used to these things, We recommend reading the disclaimer.

This update will wipe all of your data, So make sure you Back up.

Enable USB Debugging, Method - How To Enable USB Debugging On Android Phone

What You Will Need -

Download The Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean Package for Galaxy SL.

Download S3 styled package.

Disclaimer  - before proceeding,Please note that if you are new and you mess up with your phone,Android Muscle will not be responsible for that.

Steps To install Android 4.1 Jelly bean On Galaxy SL I9003 -

1.Connect Your Phone -
The first step is to connect your phone to your P.C via usb cable, Make sure you have usb debugging enabled.

2.Transfer the files -
After you have conencted your phone to your computer, transfer the two zip files you downloaded at ” What you will need “ and place them in the sd card of your phone.

3. Boot Into Recovery mode -
Once you have transferred the two files, Disconnect your phone and turn it off, now you wil need to reboot it into Recovery mode, you can do that by Pressing and holding Volume down + home button and at the same type pressing the power button simultaneously  .

4.Install the Update -

Once you are in the recovery mode, Go down and select ” install from sd card ” and then select the update package you placed. (Repeat the same for S3 style package once it finishes installation)

5. Wait for it -
The easiest step, Just wait for it to finish the installtion one by one for both files.

6. Reboot System -
Once you are done with installing bith the files, Go back and hit “Reboot system now”, this will restart your phone, ( The first Start make take some time )

And thats it, You have successfully installed Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on Your Galaxy SL.


  • http://www.facebook.com/bhushanmk Bharath Bhushan

    it gives an error:

    e: can’t mount /sdcard

    please help me out with this

    • Saadi Sattar

      Hey thanks for asking.
      There is a problem with your sd card then, Format your micro sd card, Take it out and put it in again. And then connet your phone to your computer and follow the steps :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/mohammed.alrefai.779 Mohammed Alrefai

    can i download it on galaxy s gti9003

  • Balasubramani

    In what way this ROM better than Codename 3.5

  • ashraf

    do i need to do a factory reset prior flashing the zip file

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