What is Bootloader And How To Unlock it On HTC Phones [Guide]

by Ahmed Murtaza on December 5, 2012

When ever you buy an Android Phone, the first step to gain its root access and fully optimize its potential, is to unlock its Bootloader. Unlocking Bootloader has multiple contrast from phone to phone but HTC has made it simple to unlock Bootloader of Any HTC Android Smartphone by visting their dev website, except some of them such as the latest flagship the HTC Droid DNA.Although we have given you a right method to unlock the bootloader of Droid DNA  here but today we are talking generally, We will show you how you can unlock the bootloader of Any HTC smartphone.

Before we go into details about unlocking bootloader, Lets have a short preview of -

1. What is Bootloader?
2. Why it is locked?
3. Why do we unlock it ?

1. Bootloader, as the word says is a loader which loads your current operating system, its a code executed by your phone which make it boot/Run the Android OS.

2. The answer to why is bootloader locked is simple, Android makers do not want you to get away from their Operating system, they dont want you to use any other custom ROM’s, For the purpose of sticking to the official ROM , Android Locks your bootloader, and it is Impossible to run Any custom ROM without the bootloader unlocked.

3. The answer to your third question is already given above.



You can read our detailed, bit-by-bit walk through which will guide you; w to unlock Bootloader of any of your HTC Android device. Before you get busy in reading the instructions given below, please keep this in your mind that by unlocking Bootloader, you will be voiding your HTC Android device’s warranty. Please remember this is the safest way to unlock youir bootloader, There are other unlocking bootloader tools but we recommend the official way to unlock bootloader.

Things You Will Need

It is recommended that you must install your HTC Android Device’s drivers and make sure they work properly

You also need to download HTC Sync

Account on HTC Dev’s Website

Download these Fastboot Files and make another folder to save these files

How to Unlock Any HTC Android Device’s Bootloader [Officially]

Step 1 - Go to HTC Dev Website  and on the right hand side under the section supported devices, select your device from the drop down menu and click on Begin Unlocking Bootloader, In case your phone is not mentioned, select the last option.

begin unlock bootloader for HTC one X

Step 2
 - After accepting the legal terms, ignore the steps given on the website, they might confuse you, follow what we say here. These are the same steps but are explained in detailed to avoid any confusion

Step 3 -Now boot into Bootloader first turning off your phone and then by pressing and Volume Down+Power Buttons, Here in this menu highlight the fasboot option by scrolling with the volume up and down keys. Then select the fastboot option with your power key

                                       HTC bootloader

Step 4 -The phone work is now over, head over to your PC and connect your HTC device to it.

Step 5 - Head over to the place where you saved the fastboot file, right click over there and click open cmd here

Step 6 - In CMD type this command “ fastboot oem get_identifier_token” and enter it

Step 7  -Copy the code you will get like shown in the image below

command 2

Step 9 - Skip the steps on the HTC page untill you reach step 8, on this page at the end paste this code and click the submit button. Now you will receive and email with bin file, save this file to the same place where you saved the fastboot files and again open cmd here

Step 10 - Now type this command fastboot flash unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin and press enter, accept the warning on your phone

There you go, you have now successfully unlocked Bootloader on your HTC Device.

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